Join S.T.E.P.

The Spurt! Training and Empowerment Programme

S.T.E.P. will help you to:

  • ​ Identify your core strengths as a young professional.​

  • Leverage the right tools for thriving in the 21st century workplace.​ ​

  • Develop key professional skills and aptitudes.​ ​

  • Find and successfully apply for career growth opportunities​.

What are the benefits of joining S.T.E.P.?

Being a recent graduate/early career professional with lofty ambitions can definitely come with its fair share of challenges. As S.T.E.P has been purposely designed to focus on the unique strength and innate talents of each trainee, it is our prerogative to ensure that you grow and become a more professional, analytical and valuable individual.

SPRUT! local talent
SPRUT! local talent

Apart from gaining a long term professional network within the cohort, S.T.E.P. is beneficial to trainees in the following ways:

12 weeks of high level training workshops designed to improve your professional skills
Job application training and recruitment support
Matching top performing trainees with MSME job opportunities and beyond
An opportunity to mingle with and gain advice from members of the Spurt! team
Certificate and LoR upon successful completion of the programme

Your Participation in S.T.E.P.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step and your journey to building a rich, rewarding and impactful professional career begins with S.T.E.P. Join us for a comprehensive and rewarding professional development programme.


If you meet our participation criteria, application forms can be accessed online through google form or alternatively you can email us on for more information.

Requirements for Participants

Participation is free but applicants must be able to:

  1. Fully attend all daily sessions
  2. Use a personal computer for at least 4hrs a day
  3. Access a quiet and safe work space
  4. Access to a stable internet connection
  5. Participate for the full duration of the programme
requirement for applying