Who we are

Spurt! Is a dynamic consortium of professionals keen to collaborate with African entrepreneurs to build more efficient, productive, and strategic businesses. Our practice is focused on deployments of technology, human-centred design thinking, and data analytics for business growth and expansion.

Learn more about us at www.spurt.group and follow us on social media via @spurtsolutions.


Our Mission

We are a platform that convenes, develops and excites the best African thinkers who are passionate about working for the economic development of their continent.

We aspire to be the platform for fostering the growth of scalable local businesses in sub-Saharan Africa that adhere to best performance and ethical standards.

We are facilitating a new wave of growth by enabling local SMEs. Our objective is to help build local large companies with sufficient scale and capacity to add value locally and regionally.


Our Targets

Research & Analytics​

World-class mixed-method research approaches that are particularly useful for market research and feasibility reports. Data-driven analytics for decision-making.

Strategic Advisory​

Tailored business advisory support that relies on human-centred design thinking for deep consultation with clients and close collaboration with industry experts.

Stakeholder Engagement​

Dynamic facilitation and moderation approaches that are effective for multi-level and multi-sector stakeholder dialogue. To go fast we can go alone, but to go far we must go together.

Implementation Support​

Partnerships with clients for business transformation via short- or long-term execution of developed strategies. This is where our "Teams-as-a-service" product shines best.


What we do

The Spurt! Training and Empowerment Programme (S.T.E.P) is designed to close the wide gap between recent graduates’/early-career individuals' professional capabilities and the current corporate expectations​ We focus on each trainee’s strengths and natural talents and enhance them to groom each individual to become - Professional, Analytical and Valuable to any organization or institution.

  • S.T.E.P trainees are able to shine in their areas of strength. This leads to development of pride in their work, a sense of responsibility and ownership as well as courtesy and respect for those they work with​.

  • Emphasis on analytical skills enhances our trainees ability to think through things beyond the surface, be strategic in their approach to work, ask and seek the answers to the right questions, and use the right tools effectively.

Who is eligible for S.T.E.P ?

Early career individuals, people who are 2-3 years out of university, or have just graduated.

  • ​ This is especially aimed at people who have had little to no corporate experience or perhaps have not been exposed to more analytical roles.​

  • However, at the risk of sounding too broad, it will also be individuals who are current SME staff, but still need the training to help them build the analytical and professional skills that our training is designed to offer.​ ​

  • People with the potential and capacity to learn who might be a bit rough around the edges, but given the right learning opportunities, will add immense value to their organizations because of their proactive and positive attitudes.​ ​

  • The pipeline of talent is the primary target. However, we will still have support services, which will necessarily include the future managers of these individuals. We believe that it is important that both sides of the table, so to speak, are best primed to work well together​.